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Hi, I'm Kerry-Lyn

If you’ve reading this, chances are your feeling stuck; your relationship is struggling; you’re in the middle of a crisis or you just want to understand yourself better.  Whatever the reason, I’m glad you are here and hope you find what you need to make an informed decision about whether you would like to work with me and how to take the next step.

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Most people, just like you and me, enter therapy because they want to feel relief or something to change.  The truth is, therapy is a place to go to have a different conversation about the stories that keep us stuck and disconnected.  I understand, we all find safety and security in our narrative, but it is essential we go beyond it if we are to establish more clarity and comfort in who we are and how we feel at our core.  It is from this place we re-connect with our capacity to change how we think, feel and relate.  It is then, and only then, we begin to experience ourselves, our partners, families, friends, colleagues and the world, differently.

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Whether you choose to enter therapy with me or not, here are a few inspirational people you may wish to listen to.

Why you feel what you feel | Alan Watkins | TEDxOxford

Why you feel what you feel | Alan Watkins | TEDxOxford

Understanding why you feel what you feel is one of the most important aspects of human development. After understanding comes control. When you control your emotions through vertical development, you can be more successful and happy. We’ve all seen adults behave like children and ‘throw their toys out of the pram’ if they don’t get their way. An inability to control emotions prevents us from growing up and becoming mature successful human beings. Dr. Alan Watkins, founder of Complete Coherence, introduces the key phases of human development and explains why poor emotional control is holding back progress. He asks us to imagine a world where we never have to feel anything we don’t want to feel; where we have complete control of what we feel and when we feel it. Emotions meet technology in a new app (Universe of Emotions). Taking us on a journey around this Universe, Dr Watkins explains how we can choose our own emotional ‘planetary’ address and live happier and more fulfilled lives. Alan Watkins is CEO and founder of leadership consultancy, Complete Coherence. He is recognized as an international expert on leadership and human performance. Dr Watkins has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities. Over the past 18 years he has been a coach to many of Europe’s top business leaders and has helped companies treble share price, enter the FTSE 100, salvage difficult turnarounds and establish market leadership in their industry. He has written five books and numerous peer reviewed scientific articles. He advised the GB Olympic squad prior to London 2012 and is working with them leading up to Rio in 2016. He has three degrees and is a neuroscientist by background. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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All sessions are remote, unless by prior arrangement.

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